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Safety glasses for the workshop

I have a small business making garden furniture out of reclaimed bits of metal in my workshop. I'm also shortsighted. But when you are working in the workshop, it's important that you can see exactly what you are doing, which is why I have been searching for prescription safety glasses. Although my normal glasses are good for most tasks, safety glasses can withstand severe forces without shattering and feels just like wearing my normal glasses. This blog has some different models of safety glasses compared for different workshop conditions, as well as some options for getting yourself fitted for prescription safety glasses.


Safety glasses for the workshop


An Overview Of Pterygium

Pterygium is a condition that causes a benign growth to develop on the protective layer of mucous membrane situated on top of the white part of your eye. In severe cases, the growth can also cover the cornea, which causes loss of vision. It's not always possible to identify the cause of pterygium, but factors that increase your risk of developing this condition include exposure to environmental irritants and allergens, damage from UV rays and being regularly exposed to windy conditions, which can dry your eyes out.

3 Signs Your Toddler Might Be Colour Blind

Do you have a niggling feeling that your toddler may be colour blind? While colour recognition develops in infancy, it can be hard to tell if a toddler is suffering from colour blindness as they may still be learning to name colours accurately. If you want to get a good indication, you'll have to look for other signs in their behaviour. Here are 3 signs that your child may be colour blind.