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Safety glasses for the workshop

I have a small business making garden furniture out of reclaimed bits of metal in my workshop. I'm also shortsighted. But when you are working in the workshop, it's important that you can see exactly what you are doing, which is why I have been searching for prescription safety glasses. Although my normal glasses are good for most tasks, safety glasses can withstand severe forces without shattering and feels just like wearing my normal glasses. This blog has some different models of safety glasses compared for different workshop conditions, as well as some options for getting yourself fitted for prescription safety glasses.



Safety glasses for the workshop


Understanding Vitreomacular Traction

Your eye has a layer of vitreous gel between the lens and the retina and it's contained within a membrane called the cortex. The cortex is connected to the retina, which is situated at the back of your eye. Vitreomacular traction is an eye condition that's characterised by the partial detachment of the cortex from the retina, which can put pressure on the retina and cause damage to the back of the eye.

Diabetes and Macular Edemas: Act Quickly to Preserve Your Vision

If you have been diagnosed with diabetes, you will probably be aware of the various complications that can arise when your condition is not being properly managed, and many of these complications can affect your eyes. This is known as diabetic eye disease or simply diabetic retinopathy. One of the most common forms of diabetic retinopathy is macular edema. This occurs when blood vessels leak into the macula, which is at the centre of your eye's retina.